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Today we printed out the new menu. They will be on the tables in HoneyPie first thing tomorrow morning.
So the new menu has a Green Smoothie!!! We are very proud of that one. And you will find these bagels on there as well. YAMMMM!
Hopefully we will see you soon!

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The Roosettes in HoneyPie

This evening we had the pleasure to have The Roosettes in HoneyPie. A female Barbershop ensemble.
We had a dinner and a show. And look how beautiful the setting was. Flowers, postcards and ooooh those dresses….
if you would like to see them sing : www.theroosettes.com

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Spring Window Display for HoneyPie

Project of making a new window-display for HoneyPie. Herbs and Veggies!
Not only do they look fresh but they smell so good!!!
Little Yael helped a lot. She is very picky about getting her hands dirty. She is not a big fan of that.
(we try to make her a little bit less affraid of dirt but somehow it’s something not acceptable)
So in the end she only helped out with watering the plants with a small cup and a bucket full of clean water. Clean water ofcourse, because that is obviously something she loves.
Oh and we got a smiling sheep. He/she(ep) is not in our window-display but in the middle of our tearoom.
So he/she can keep an eye on us while we serve tea.
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Antwerp is one of the most inspiring cities that is the closest to our city. Belgium people love to go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They spend a lot of their meals outside their own kitchen. And just strolling around you find that people with their own little bussinesses have no restrictions from he government about what they are allowed to do to on the outside and the inside of their beautiful buildings. Making all the entrepreneurs extra creative because you need to make your store extra special to stand out of the crowd.


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In this photo you see a vending-machine Except instead of soda’s  it’s bread.

foto 4
On this market square there is this little house with books. You can take one and leave one if you please.
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Here is an announcement of a give-away market. It’s a secondhandmarket except you ask no money for the things you want to get rid off. And you are allowed to take home anything you want.

foto 2   foto 1This is a gorgeous place, and has the same vibe like HoneyPie. But smaller. The name is Lojola. We defenitely reccomend the place f you ever go to Antwerp.

Kid in a candystore

On one of our trips to Toronto we saw a store where you could see them make these candy apples. The whole store was full of them. They looked soooo delicious but also sooo unhealthy for your teeth. So we skipped this one for taste-testing. But we did make some colorful photo’s!

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Second-Hand shopping on Sunday

Sunday’s weather forecast: rain, rain, rain. So what can you do to make it better….ROAD TRIP!

We decided to go cross country towards Emmaus Feniks, a foundation souly based on people helping people, also Honeypie’s main supplier for all our old fashioned tea cups and plates. Located in an old monastery in Venlo, Emmaus Feniks sells second hand goods to raise funds in order to stay open, provide a home for those in need of a second chance and help assist other Emmaus chapters where needed. If you have the time or are in the neighbourhood, we definitely suggest you swing by for a visit. (They’re actually only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays but I guess it helps when your mom also co-runs the place). They even have their own colorful in-house cafe and patio. Oh and tell my mom I said Hi!.

For more information, visit: www.emmaus-feniks.nl.



Here are a few photo’s of our guided afternoon tour of the place. You could easily spend hours just wondering around and what ever you’re looking for, you’ll most likely find it there.


Even our dog “Beertje” had fun checking everything out. She should be in this picture somewhere….something like “Where’s Waldo”…….but different.

photo 3

After waiting the rain out inside and shopping around, we walked around the monastery and found a small house out back which had been renovated by local volunteers. They transformed the place into a little zen retreat. Somewhere to get away from all the daily distractions and come to peace.

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And last but not least, a wishing tree in the garden. A place for people to leave their wishes in a tree. Some more detailed then others.

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A day with everything in it. Including akward fishes.

Sometimes you wake up and you have no idea what your day will be like.
And oh yes, we do have long lists of things to do. All the time.
But some days you just have to take that car/bike and just go and see where you end up. So that’s what we did today.

First the day started with me getting flowers from my lovely husband. Something he does regularly for me. I am a lucky gal.
Then we walked the dog, took a photo of a tiny sheep, and went for a drive.
Since the little girl is CRAZY about birds, we decided to stop at this place called Utropia. A place where they have tropical birds and some other cute animals. The birds were a lot of fun but were not easy to capure on camera. Capturing the akward fishes was, as you can see, not a problem at all. The are very photogenic really.


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I’m not a freshman, I’m fresh man

We all know those clever store signs, logo’s, street art or quotes we take pictures of because they put smiles on our faces. They either cheer you up or someone you know.

Simplistic and inspiring. They catch your eye, grab your attention and if it’s a store logo, it has a way of inviting you in to come and see what else they have.

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Just a regular pie-cafe in Toronto

Since Greg is from Toronto, a lot of our vacations are spent there.
We meet friends, have picnics, visit malls, and last but not least: we do research……delicious research.

We always try to plan in advance where we want to go, but it always turns out that the best way to find the places you are looking for is by just strolling around.

This particular ‘bakery’ did not have a classy or cosy interior. Not at all. It was more a cafe with fries and beers, really really good fries though. But in the corner we could see two big display cases with a wide variety of insanely good pies in them. We couldn’t resist and took some pieces home with us. Needless to say that they were the best.

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